Vegetarian Recipes

These are my vegetarian (and a few vegan) recipes from 2009-2013 before I went vegan. Some of these are my own creations, some are taken or adapted from other sources as indicated at the bottom of each recipe. All of these recipes are vegetarian, and all can be made soy-free depending on the brands of ingredients you choose. Other special codes:

  • [DF] Dairy-free
  • [GF] Gluten-free
  • [WF] Wheat-free (not necessarily gluten-free)
  • An * indicates that the recipe can be made allergy-friendly with a single substitution.
  • [~FF] Family favorite


Breakfast Bars

Burgers & Sandwiches


Crock Pot

Fruits & Desserts


I like to make these breads as muffins because they cook faster and freeze easily in single servings. To make any of these recipes as a loaf instead, just increase the cooking time (approximately double).